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In a world driven by so called, fake media, Sure Reality Media is a Christian media company that exists to present the sure reality of true living found in a relationship with Christ.


SRM hosts inspirational devotionals designed to help the reader seek and track the plans and purposes of God, as well as high quality Christian radio programmes, broadcast online and on-air around the world.




It’s becoming increasingly vital to present real actuality in a world lorded over by so called, fake news. The Christian scriptures tell us that these are a shadow of the things to come but that the reality is found in Christ. SRM is a Christian media company offering the real meaning of life for 21st century living, as found in Christ.


Sure Reality Media prides itself in high quality radio production. All programmes are free to air. For more information and permission to broadcast these radio programmes, e-mail info@surereality.net




The Scriptures also tell us that God has plans for our lives. His purposes are based in the fact that we are saved by his grace through faith. We have become his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared for us. We are required, therefore, to seek and track God’s plans by acknowledging him in all we do. This process of tracking God’s plans is what we call God-tracking.


Sure Reality Media produces a weekly e-mail/blog devotional called, GodTracker to help us seek and track the plans and purposes of God.



Books By Dudley Anderon


God-tracking Through the Year -

year one

God-tracking Through the Year - year two


Two devotional books of 52 weekly thoughts to help you seek and track the plans of God for your life.




"I know the plans I have for you," Says the LORD.


This work is expanding under God's clear mandate!

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