Real Good News in a World of Fake News
Real Good News in aWorld of Fake News

GodTracker e-Devotional

The Bible tells us that God knows the plans he has for us, which is very encouraging, indeed. However, the reality of this statement is, it is he who knows the plans he has for us; we don’t, not until he reveals them to us. Therefore, just like these expert trackers of the Kalahari, you and I need to track God’s plans and purposes by watching for the signs of his move along the paths of life. As we acknowledge God in all we do, we need to constantly listen for sounds of his voice and watch for the move of his hand upon our circumstances, trusting that he will direct us toward our prize – his perfect will.

The GodTracker weekly e-mail devotional is based on the premise that God has a plan for our lives. His word calls us to seek his plan by acknowledging him in all our ways and by tracking his purposes, in faith.

GodTacker is a weekly inspiring e-devotional to help you seek and track the pans that God has for your life


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