Sixty-Second GodTracker

A collection of 60 second radio spots to help keep you on track with God's plans for your life. The Sixty-second GodTracker radio spot is based on the weekly devotional, GodTracker. Find out more about GodTracker at GodTracker reaches millions of people via Christian radio stations around the world. 


Sixty-Second GodTracker is free to download for broadcast.

Please notify us at if you wish to use Sixty-Second GodTracker for broadcast purposes.

Sixty-Second GodTracker without music under the voice:

Sixty-Second GodTracker with music under the voice:

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Books By Dudley Anderon


God-tracking Through the Year -

year one

God-tracking Through the Year - year two


Two devotional books of 52 weekly thoughts to help you seek and track the plans of God for your life.




"I know the plans I have for you," Says the LORD.


This work is expanding under God's clear mandate!

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