Changing Lives For the Good, For Good
Changing LivesFor the Good, For Good

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Changing lives

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Sure Reality is a Christian radio and podcast production company that exists to present the sure reality of real life as found in a relationship with Christ. Sure Reality produces several faith-based programmes that are broadcast on-air and online by many radio stations in more than 100 countries and podcast on this site. Its flagship show is the popular half-hour talk show called The reality.


Sure Reality is a nonprofit Christian ministry.

RADIO: The Reality


It’s becoming increasingly vital to present real actuality to a world steeped in so-called, fake news. The Reality is a Christian talk show offering the real meaning of life as found in Christ.

Some of the guests featured on The Reality include:

Reinhard Bonnke

Angus  Buchan

Loren Cunningham

Pat Boone

Lillian De Fin

Jarrod Cooper

RADIO: Sixty-Second GodTracker


Sixty-Second GodTracker is a 1-min radio spot adapted from the weekly email/blog thought, GodTracker

Countries where Sure Reality's shows are currently broadcast:

WRITING: GodTracker Motivational Thought


Sure Reality distributes a popular inspiring motivational thoughts called GodTracker. GodTracker is shared by email and online blogs. 

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 Weekly Christian motivational thoughts to help you track the plans and purposes of God.

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