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Changing LivesFor the Good, For Good

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Interact, Impact & Influence people to be Real Followers of

Jesus Christ


In a world driven by so-called, fake media, Sure Reality is a Christian radio ministry that exists to present the sure reality of real-life as found in a relationship with Christ.

RADIO: The Reality


It’s becoming increasingly vital to present real actuality to a world steeped in so-called, fake news. The Reality is a Christian radio programme offering the real meaning of life for 21st-century living, as found in Christ.

Some of the guests featured on The Reality include:


Angus  Bucan

Loren Cunningham

RADIO: Sixty-Second GodTracker


Sixty-Second GodTracker is a 1-min radio spot adapted from the weekly email/blog thought, GodTracker

Countries where Sure Reality's shows are currently broadcast:

RADIO: God-Tracking with Dudley


God-Tracking with Dudley is a 4 to 60-min radio thought adapted from the weekly email/blog, GodTracker.

WRITING: GodTracker Motivational Thought


Sure Reality distributes a popular inspiring motivational thoughts called GodTracker. GodTracker is shared by email and online blogs. 

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TEACHING: GodTracker Bible Series


The GodTracker Bible Series is an online Bible study presented by Dudley Anderson.

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Word of God.

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GodTracker Bible Series


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Books by Dudley

Tracking the Will of God

Weekly Christian motivational thoughts to help you track the plans and purposes of God

Overflowing Hope

A Light That Never Goes Out

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