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“The Church on earth is a cross-eyed church, with one eye on God in His heavenly benediction, and one eye on the needy world of men.” --- David Head


Sure Reality Media is pleased to be associated with the following ministries. We believe it's important to share the Gospel of Christ far and wide. Therefore, we both endorse and finacially support the work of these organisations:


Boithuto Community Project

Boithuto Community Project was founded 7 years ago within the Jackson Informal Settlement in Johannesburg, South Africa to provide children with a place to go in the afternoons, receive a meal and stay off the streets. The project has grown to feed up to 160 children and 45 elderly every day. They also run a project building houses for the elderly, as well as distributing grocery parcels to elderly folk. Other projects include upgrading of the children’s play areas where the children can play, eat and read from a library. They have a desire to see this project grow into skills development to equip people to help sustain themselves.


God-tracking Through the Year

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This work is expanding under God's clear mandate!

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