Changing Lives For the Good, For Good
Changing LivesFor the Good, For Good

How many people do the Sure Reality radio shows reach?

Our shows are broadcast on-air and online by many radio stations, worldwide and reach a potential audience of more than 1 billion people via shortwave, FM, AM and the Internet.

Below is a list of only some of the stations that air our radio shows. This list is dynamic in that stations are continually being added.


If you represent a Christian radio station that wishes to schedule our shows for broadcast, email

Where our programmes can be heard...

Radio segments produced by Sure Reality reach far and wide. The map below shows regions and countroes where our programmes are heard.

What do people say about our programming?


“You never know whose life you are affecting. Truthfully, your broadcast was such a blessing to me.”
Phil -- Facebook


"Thanks for sharing your uplifting message God gave you to share. You have made a difference in my life at the moment."
Vicky -- LinkedIn 


“Praise the name of the Living God. I used to listen to your radio programs daily way back in 1999 - 2000 while I was in Africa. They were so inspiring. Through the anointing of your programs by God I got delivered from a series of problems.”
Sarah -- Bangkok, Thailand


"Hi i grew up as a Christian listening to you on SW radio. Really enjoyed the music and the message."
Mlako -- Facebook

Let us know if any of our productions have touched your life!


This work is expanding under God’s clear mandate!




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